As of January 2010…

Posted January 24, 2010 by deafinterpconference
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Everything is on hold until further notice.

There has been a restructure in the organization of the conference, so more information in regards to the dates/times, locations, and registration will be coming soon.

We want to thank everybody for your support and patience– we will get the word out soon! The board are still having meetings to arrange and iron out all details.

Keep an eye on this blog for more information!!!


Design Our LOGO!

Posted November 7, 2009 by deafinterpconference
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WHAT: Design a new logo for Deaf Interpreter Conference!

WHEN: By June 7th, 2010!


  1. What should the logo incorporate?
    The title of conference, “Deaf Interpreter Conference” is all! BE Creative with the logo!
  2. What size should the logo be?
    It should be simple enough to be able to put it on business card, banners, program books, et cetera– so vector images are the best way to go.
  3. What happens if my logo is selected?
    You will get a prize! (More details about the prize will come soon.)
  4. Where do I submit my logo?
    Send an email to the webmaster of this blog, Kirsi at kgriggl (@) with “DIC Logo” in subject line so it won’t register as a spam email!

BEST OF LUCK!           HAVE FUN!         BE CREATIVE!!!


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Several options for your boarding during the 2010 Deaf Interpreter Conference are:

-Marriott Inn  Courtyard Washington D.C.
(3 blocks from Gallaudet and right next to Gallaudet Metro Station)

-Gallaudet Kellogg Conference Hotel
(on the campus of Gallaudet University)


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This blog will be updated frequently to keep abreast of the progress and status of Deaf Interpreter Conference in 2010!

Do come back and let your Deaf friends know about this!

–the DIC Committee

(If you do have feedback about this website’s layout, posts, et cetera, do feel free to contact the webmaster, Kirsi Grigg)